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Don't Be Left In The Dark

     Darkness is the nemesis of the traditional string peep sight. When you draw your bow string back and place your eye behind the peep, you restrict the amount of light that reaches your eye, consequently your eye thinks it is in the dark, so  your  pupil  dilates  to  let  in  what  light  is available. When this happens, your eye cannot see beyond what is directly in front of it. At that moment your equipment has failed you. Being able to see the  target and line up the shot is critical in low light. With Hind Sight, as light begins to fade, your target view is unobstructed. The rear cross-hairs begin to glow and darkness becomes your ally. If there is enough light to see your target, Hind Sight will enable you to take  the  shot  with confidence. What makes this possible is ProGlow20, the most effective and advanced photoluminescence material on the market today. This material will glow for up to 14 hours in total darkness after it is exposed to any light source. This allows you to center your front pin in the rear cross-hairs and line up the shot. Remember this, at the moment of truth, Hind Sight will not let you down and never leave you in the dark.

   The image to the right illustrates                                                                                     how effective the glow in the dark                                                                                cross hairs can be when taking aim                                                                                under low light conditions. The darker                                                                                it gets, the more user friendly the                                                                               system becomes. Using a lighted                                                                                    front pin  it is possible to line up your                                                                          sights in the dark.

Magnum  Aperture shown with single                                                                      TroGlo Tritium Fiber Optic sight pin                                                                                  centered in total darkness.