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Hind Sight, Inc.
P.O. Box 482
Pinckney, MI 48169
Phone: 734-878-2842
Fax: 734-878-4295


Field Evaluation

By Jeff Phillips

   Bow hunt long enough and you will eventually have a peep-sight horror story to tell. Chances are you already do, and probably not just one. Whether it is not being able to see through the peep due to low light conditions, improper peep rotation, or the rubber alignment tubing breaking at the moment of truth, many of us have been there. I am happy to report, it will never happen to me again.

   Don't get me wrong, a peep sight has its place in the archery world and is a very valuable accessory, given the right conditions.

   How many times have you sat in your tree stand during legal hunting times, with an overcast sky, not knowing for sure if you could see through your peep? Have you ever hung the rubber alignment on a branch and pulled it off? Ever have one break and hit you in the face? Because it's the only choice we have other than not using one at all - until now.

   In a rural area just outside of Pinckney, MI., a man named Don Priebe had a vision to end the peep-sight curse forever. Little did he know his invention, the Hind Sight, would impact bow hunters worldwide. Priebe started selling the Hind Sight in 1997 and continues to grow in popularity as word gets out.

   I will admit I was a little skeptical of removing my peep and replacing it with a rear sight system. I was so use to looking through the string, how was I going to adapt to looking around it? After I made the switch, it really wasn't all that bad and adjusted my shooting habits rather quickly.

   Out of the four Hind Sight products ( Hind Sight, Hind Sight II, Extreme, CrossFire), the rear aperture, of course, is the guts of the system. Equipped with an illuminating open cross hair design, the aperture is large enough to see through during low light conditions and allows a good field of view. The illumination adds a soft glow effect, which is super for those early morning and late evening hunts.

   When exposed to a light source (sun light or artificial light) the cross hairs store energy, and will illuminate for up to 14 hours thereafter. I like to shine a flashlight on the rear sight (cross hairs) for a few minutes just before I head to my morning stand.

   If all this talk, thus far, about the Hind Sight doesn't get you excited, then this next part will.

   The Hind Sight is advertised as the" peep sight eliminator," and it should be, it does just that. But, it offers so much more than just an alternative to peeps, it also will improve your accuracy. Interested? Read on.

   One of the first things I noticed about the Hind Sight is how sensitive it is to grip torque. A requirement during the sighting in process is to make sure that you use a torque free grip (good shooting form). In doing so, during your practice sessions you may notice, from time to time, the front and rear sight do not line up as expected after the draw cycle. This is simply because your grip is different than before. Adjust your grip and everything will fall into place - guaranteed.

   This feature is especially valuable during those elusive moments of truth. Even the most seasoned of bow hunters will sometimes put a death grip on the bow while shooting at monster whitetail bucks. It's "buck fever" at its best.

   Hind Sight could almost be renamed to the "Torque Eliminator Sight." I hate to beat this into the mud, but in my opinion, this is the most important feature of the sight system. Because of how the sight works you have no choice except to shoot the same way every time. In order to get the front and rear sight to align correctly, your shooting style must remain consistent with every shot.

   So, what else can this sight do for you? It has already expanded your hunting time into low-light conditions, and it has made you a better shot with its torque eliminating feature. Well, there is one feature left just for you speed freaks.

   Depending on the type of peep you use, you can expect to increase your arrow speed by four to six feet per second after switching to the Hind Sight. This is simply due to the removal of the drag  created by the peep sight. What a great bonus feature!

   There is a little common confusion among archers with respect to how a rear sight system works at different ranges. Just by instinct, shooters will try to center the yardage pin, in the rear cross hair sight, they are using at the time of the shot. In other words, if a person was shooting at 40 yards, it would seem logical to center the 40 yard pin in the rear sight. While you could probably use this method with some success, this is not how the Hind Sight was intended to work, nor is it the best way.

   No matter if you use one pin or six pins, you always center your top pin in the rear sight for all ranges. After the top pin is centered, all you need to do from there is move the correct yardage pin to your intended target. This will keep your anchor point the same shot after shot for accuracy like you have never experienced.

   Of course, a great product doesn't mean there is a great company behind it. If a company doesn't have good customer service, not many people care what product they build and how good it is.

   Communication with Hind Sight has been flawless. Whether it is by e-mail or phone, the Hind Sight staff has always taken the time to answer my questions. Granted, you will not have to deal with Hind Sight directly but in the event that you do, you can expect quick response times from a fellow hunter who cares.

   Most products that are built with the intent of improvement  (Pro) in one area most always have a down side (Con) The Hind Sight is an improvement in many areas, but I have yet to find a Con. It is not just another product in the already crowded archery industry - it's a contribution and gift to the sport.


      * Helps eliminate bow torque

         * Improves anchor consistency

         * Eliminates the need for a peep

         * Increases arrow speed

         * Expands hunting time during low-light conditions

         *Offered as an add-on to your existing front sight (Hind Sight, Hind Sight II, Extreme)

         * Offered as a complete turn key sight system (CrossFire)

         * Easy instillation and set-up

         * Well built, aluminum CNC construction with high-impact plastic parts