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Hind Sight, Inc.
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Pinckney, MI 48169
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Hind Sight Advantages

   Shooting a bow is a lot like shooting a gun, in the fact that we want to hit what we are aiming at. Let's compare the two. Guns have two sights that are attached to the barrel, while most bows will have one sight secured to the riser and the other sight attached to the bow string. The problem with this set up is that the riser and the string are independent of one another, with the string being hinged at the axels. If this were the most accurate way to shoot a projectile we would all have strings attached to our guns that we pulled taunt to line up our sights. Some people could master shooting a gun this way, most of us could not. Having both sights attached solidly to the riser will provide you with these advantages!

Eliminates the Peep Sight.

  • Hind Sight's patented peep sight forward design allows for the replacement of the traditional string peep and all the problems associated with it.
Increases Arrow Speed.
  • Some peeps are so large that it is equivalent to placing a tiny parachute in your string. By eliminating the string peep you eliminate drag created by it, resulting in faster arrow speed.
Prevents Bow Torque 100%
  • Because the front and rear sights are attached to opposite sides of the riser it is virtually impossible to torque the bow without seeing it. If you torque the bow, you also torque the sights. The sights will move in opposite directions. This provides instant feedback detected by your eye. This simple feature will train you to hold the bow straight, pointing the arrow where you are looking. The farther apart the sights are, attached to the riser, the more sensitive to torque the system becomes, ensuring a steadier hold.

Forces Same Hold Each and Every Shot.

  • If you think of a straight line from your eye to the arrow's impact, your sights are simply placed on this line. Once sighted in, your sights will force you into this alignment, consistently without error. 

Pin Point Accuracy

  • Unlike the large diameter peep sights of today where your front pin floats inside of a large circle. Hind Sight maintains a very tight aperture (.060") created by the open center design of the rear cross hairs for unsurpassed accuracy.

Illuminating, Glow in the Dark Cross-Hairs.

  • The cross hairs contain ProGlow20, the most advanced photoluminescence available. The cross hairs will remain visible in low light allowing you to center your front pin and take aim without losing sight of your target.

Outstanding Low Light Performance.

  • In combination with illuminating cross-hairs and unrestricted viewing of ones target, Hind Sight offers the ultimate sight for low light hunting conditions.

Built in Range Finder.

  • The black nylon sight ring is designed to do more than just protect the glow in the dark cross hairs. It will focus your attention on what is inside of the circle (vitals) and disregard what is outside of it (large antlers). Once you place the circle over the kill zone, it narrows your attention, so that you are concentrating on shot placement without losing sight of the whole animal. Now fine tune the shot by centering the front pin. This allows for rapid target acquisition, even on moving targets. Your eye naturally gravitates to the center of a circle so this whole process becomes automatic. Practicing with a life size target, archers will learn distances by judging body size inside of the rear sight ring. Body size becomes smaller as distance from target becomes greater.
Tough, Dependable, Accurate
  • Trademarks of Hind Sight, Inc.