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Hind Sight, Inc.
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Hind Sight, Inc
Most Frequently Asked Questions:

 What makes you think that Hind Sight can be as accurate as my peep sight?
The reasons why Hind Sight is more accurate than your string peep are numerous. The distance from your eye to your front sight remains unchanged, what Hind Sight has done is add another point of alignment that is not too close to your eye. Most archers that use a string peep will start with a peep that has a very small aperture for accuracy. When they apply this to a low light hunting situation, they find that they cannot see their target, so they either drill out their current peep or switch to a larger one. This only compounds the problem. Now their front sight is floating inside of a large diameter circle, loosing accuracy, and it still restricts viewing their target in low light. Hind Sight takes the concept of the peep off the string, moves it forward away from your eye and places it on the riser. The aperture created by the patented open center cross hair design is very tiny (.060") for pin point accuracy.

   How exactly does Hind Sight prevent bow torque?                                       Hind Sight attaches both                                                                                           sights to opposite sides of                                                                                                 the riser. The center of the                                                                                             riser is in the palm of your                                                                                             hand. Now, if you torque                                                                                                   the bow in any direction,                                                                                                   you will also torque the                                                                                                sights. This misalignment                                                                                                    is detected instantly by                                                                                                   your eye. This simple                                                                                                   feature will train you to                                                                                                   hold the bow straight. The                                                                                          farther apart the sights are                                                                                            from the center of the riser                                                                                               the more sensitive to bow                                                                                             torque the system becomes.                                                                                    Because the string is                                                                                           independent of the riser,                                                                                                using a string peep, it is                                                                                            possible to torque the bow                                                                                                and still line up your sights.                                                                                           When torque goes                                                                                                          undetected, your arrow is                                                                                        launched on a misguided                                                                                           journey. With your arrow                                                                                                 and sights attached to the                                                                                              riser, Hind Sight ensures                                                                                              that they are always                                                                                                          pointing in the same                                                                                                   direction for truer arrow                                                                                                flight and greater down                                                                                                  range accuracy. The pictures above demonstrate the Hind Sight Eclipse in perfect alignment and with a slight amount of bow torque. When torque is present the glow in the dark shooters ring will become uneven and the centering pin will no longer be centered in the cross hairs. You must hold the bow straight for your sights to be in line with your eye and your target.

   How Rugged are your sights?                                                                    Our sights are pretty tough actually. The mounting brackets are either stamped or machined from 50 52 or 60 61 aluminum and are securely mounted to the riser. We have one model, the EQII that mounts to the cable rod. The rear aperture is protected inside a nylon sight ring which in turn is protected inside the riser and the limbs of the bow. The cross hairs are strong yet flexible with a built in memory. If they should ever get distorted, just push them back into shape. The Hind Sight is not traveling at a 170 miles per hour and then coming to an abrupt halt every time you fire an arrow like a string peep . It remains stationary, attached solidly to the riser in a fixed position.

   How does Hind Sight work in low light?
When you place your eye behind a string peep under low light conditions, you decrease the amount of light that enters your eye. This triggers a defense mechanism inside the brain, because it now thinks you are in the dark. It will not allow your eye to be poked by anything it cannot see. Your pupil dilates to let in what light is available and will only focus on what is directly in front of it. Your target disappears in the distance. Lower the peep from your eye, light reenters the pupil and your target reappears. Using Hind Sight in low light, your target view is unobstructed. The rear aperture is attached to the riser away from your eyes so as not to restrict the amount of light that enters your eyes allowing you to see your target clearly. The open center cross hairs contain Proglow 20, this material will glow in the dark for up to 14 hours. It is very easy to center your front pin in the rear cross hairs, take aim, and release the arrow. Using Hind Sight, under low light hunting conditions, you can line up the shot with confidence. The picture below shows the Hind Sight crosshairs with a TruGlo TFO Pin centered in total darkness.

   How long will the cross hairs glow?
The cross hairs will glow for up to 14 hours on a 7 minute charge of light. Your target is not obscured by this glow. The Proglow material is impregnated inside the crosshairs and will not come off. The cross hairs must be exposed to a light source in order for them to glow. The longer the absorption time, the longer the after glow. Sun light or artificial light will recharge the cross hairs. The cross hairs must be exposed to a light source (recharged) every time you want them to glow. NO LIGHT EXPOSURE = NO GLOW. The Proglow material has a half life expectancy of 6 years. The cross hairs will not glow in day light.

   Will Hind Sight work with my pendulum sight?
Hind Sight will work with pendulum sights, but not as you might think. You must draw back and anchor on your pendulum sight pin, (centered in the cross hairs) when it is bottomed out. As you rotate the bow towards the ground the pin will float up and out of the crosshairs. You must remain anchored on the cross hairs and place the pendulum sight pin on target. If you try to maintain the sight pin in the cross hairs as the pin moves, you will tip the bow at the wrist to achieve this. You have just tipped the arrow and pointed it in a direction other than what you are aiming at.

   How about roving sights?
Your roving sight pin must stay in a fixed position to be used with Hind Sight. If the front sight moves up or down, the rear sight must also move up or down to remain on a straight sight line from your eye to your target. Our PathFinder model does just that. Two sights that move as one in perfect unison. Go to Hind Sight Products page for more on this sighting system.

   I shoot right handed but I am left eye dominant. Will Hind Sight work for me?
Hind Sight will work very well for you. Our sighting systems allow you to take aim with your dominant eye and shoot with both eyes open. This feature will give you a larger sight window allowing you to see more of the action unfolding before you. If you think of a straight line from eye to impact you are simply placing your sights on that line. The closer your dominant eye is to the string, the less parallax view of your target you will have.

    So what does parallax view mean?                                                                 Basically you have two lines that meet and cross at a certain point. The path of the arrow, your sight line, and the distance that your eye is from the string form a triangle. Let's say that you have three sight pins that are set at 20, 30, and 40 yards and your dominant eye is three inches from the string when anchored at full draw. When fine tuned out to 40 yards, the path of the arrow and your sight line will meet and cross at that point. When you cut that distance in half, at 20 yards you will be off center by one and  half inches, half the distance your eye is from the string. Years ago when sight pins were first introduced, you could adjust each pin individually to account for the parallax view. Now a days, we only have a gang adjustment for the front sight for a windage adjustment (left to right). It is important that you try to shoot with your dominant eye as close to the string as possible to narrow the parallax view of your target.

   How come your sights do not have bubble levels?                                              Our sights were developed primarily for hunting. The purpose of a bubble level is to ensure that you hold the riser in a plumb position so that you get accurate readings from your sight pins. Tip the riser and you also tip the pins. This becomes more critical as your targeted distance increases. Shooting arrows at the range, practicing good form, when you have all the time in the world to concentrate on a bubble level is not a bad thing. But, under hunting conditions, shooting out of a tree stand, bent at the waist, in hunting apparel, cold weather, low light, moving target, with only a second or two to react to a shot opportunity, do you really want to spend that valuable time looking at a bubble level? We don't think so. Bubble levels should be calibrated while mounted to the riser to ensure accuracy.

Will Hind Sight add-on models be compatible with my front sight?
The Hind Sight add-on models will work with most fixed pin front sights. The Hind Sight works best with a front sight that has a round or half round pin guard. It is best to place your centering pin in the center of your pin guard. This will center the pin guard with the rear sight ring.

How far apart should the front sight be from the rear sight?
There is no right answer. Generally speaking, the farther apart the sights are the more accurate the system becomes. Although, our vision impaired customers find that the closer together the sights are, the easier it becomes for them to focus on both sights and their target at the same time. It really comes down to ones vision.

Will Hind Sight be compatible with my bow?
Hind Sight is compatible with most bows on today's market. The rear sight must occupy its own space inside the riser without interference. The bow string and cables must not come into contact with the rear sight. The farther apart the sights are the more sensitive to bow torque the system becomes. The optimum position is to have both the front and rear sights mounted an equal distance or as close to equal as possible from the center of the riser. Now if you torque the bow the sights will move in opposite directions an equal amount. The pictures below show proper set up on various bows.

Will Hind Sight help me become a better hunter?                                     No, but Hind Sight will enable you to become a better archer.