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Secret to Success

   Consistency is what archery is all about. Everyone is looking for an edge that can make them a better shot. Hind Sight gives you that edge! By creating another point of alignment, the rear sight forces the archer to line up consistently shot after shot. The secret is having two sights attached to opposite sides of the riser. With the center of the riser in the palm of your hand it becomes impossible to torque the bow without seeing it. This will force you to hold the bow straight so that the arrow, riser, and sights are always pointed in the same direction. Whether shooting on level ground  or out  of your  favorite tree stand you will be confident that you are always looking at where your arrow is about to impact.

     Circle Alignment Technology   (C.A.T.)                                   Patent # 7,461,460     

   The lens of a telescope are round, binoculars round, rifle scopes round, all for good reason. Your eye naturally gravitates to the center of a circle. We have developed our dual sighting systems with this fact in mind. The rear sight ring that holds and protects the patented open center, glow in the dark cross hairs positions a very tight (.060") aperture in the center of this sight ring. This aperture is designed to capture a single sight pin that is located in the center of the forward circular pin guard. When you center this pin in the cross hairs, you also center the rear sight ring with the forward pin guard. This allows the circles to work together to become a secondary point of alignment. What makes this set-up so effective is the fact that the front sight is a distinctive different color from the rear sight ring that makes it obvious to the eye that you are out of alignment when the circles are mismatched. We have found that glow in the dark material on the face of the pin housing is the most visible under low light conditions. This glow ring provides a large secondary point of alignment, frames your target in low light, and also detects bow torque. We have created various models that employ this concept.

The images to the right                                                                                                    demonstrate the Ghost Rider                                                                                                    in perfect alignment and also                                                                                               when the slightest amount of                                                                                              torque is applied to the riser.                                                                                                     If you torque the bow, you                                                                                                     also torque the sights. The                                                                                                   front pin floats out of center                                                                                                   and the ghost ring becomes                                                                                                visible. Having two sights                                                                                                          attached to opposite sides of                                                                                                    the riser will train you to hold                                                                                                  the bow straight. The farther                                                                                                apart the sights are from                                                                                                       center, the more sensitive the                                                                                          system becomes to torque                                                                                                  forcing a steadier hold. If the                                                                                                 riser is torqued so is the                                                                                                        arrow rest, sending the arrow                                                                                                   on a misguided  journey. This                                                                                                becomes even more critical                                                                                                   when shooting broadheads.                                                                                                           Hind Sight, with built in                                                                                                        Circle Alignment Technology                                                                                                   will promote good form, train                                                                                                   you to hold the bow straight                                                                                                     free from torque, and ensure                                                                                                    that you launch your arrow                                                                                                        in the same direction that                                                                                                       you are targeting.                                   

The Dead Ringer features our original rear sight ring with a one inch inside diameter. This is the same diameter of most scopes. We have matched it with a small diameter front pin guard that has a glow in the dark shooters ring that faces the archer. When taking aim, the rear sight will fit perfectly inside of this glow ring. The small diameter rear sight ring will narrow your attention to a smaller portion of your target. It may encircle the vitals of your intended target while the rest of the animal is disregarded outside of the sight ring, allowing you to concentrate on shot placement within the ring. Aim small, miss small!

The Ghost Rider employs the same small diameter front pin guard but is paired with our larger Magnum rear sight ring. When taking aim, this combination of circles will hide the glow in the dark shooters ring directly behind the rear sight ring. The Magnum rear sight  affords a wider field of view while maintaining perfect alignment. If the bow is torqued in any direction, the glow in the dark shooters ring will become visible. The easy to read bubble level is at the ready to make sure that your limbs are always in a plumb position in order to receive accurate readings from your individual sight pins.

The Eclipse features a large diameter pin guard paired with our Magnum rear sight ring on an extended mounting bracket. The longer mounting bracket places the sights farther apart on opposite sides of the riser allowing the sighting system to become more sensitive to bow torque. This feature alone will force a steadier hold for tighter arrow groups. The glow in the dark shooters ring on the face of the pin guard will Eclipse the rear Magnum sight ring perfectly when taking aim. This will give you a secondary point of alignment and also frame your target in low light.