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PathFinder (Left Hand) (PathFinder LH)

PathFinder (Left Hand)

The new Hind Sight PathFinder will revolutionize the way you shoot your bow. Dual roving sights that move as one, maintaining a straight line of sight from eye to impact. Now you can adjust your sights to the desired distance, while at full draw, with finger touch control and always remain in the same anchor position. The PathFinder features two circles (pin guard and rear sight ring) that will always appear as one for scope like viewing when taking aim. Your eye naturally gravitates to the center of a circle. This is where the patented open center, glow in the dark cross hairs will direct your attention to focus on the front pin. This combination makes it possible to take aim on a fire fly in the dark, simply by connecting the dots. Think what it can do for you when you find yourself in those low light hunting situations. And because no peep sight is necessary you will not become a victim to those common peep sight problems, such as, improper string rotation, rubber tubing failing, strands of the string obstructing your view, lost accuracy due to oversized peeps, decreased arrow speed due to drag, and diminished target acquisition in low light. The PathFinder will also prevent bow torque by forcing you to hold the bow straight so that the arrow, riser, and sights work as a single unit pointed in the same direction. The PathFinder is available in both right and left hand models, quiver attachment ready, and is adjustable for draw lengths ranging from 26 to 33 inches.

For advanced archers only.

A 20% restocking fee is charged for all returned PathFinders. 

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