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Hind Sight, Inc.
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Pinckney, MI 48169
Phone: 734-878-2842
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Trophies & Testimonials

  "Hind Sight, Inc. wishes to thank all the dedicated hunters that have sent us images of the trophies they have taken using our products so that we may share them with visitors to our web site. Good luck this upcoming hunting season, and don't forget to send us a picture."

This is my second season using the Hind Sight and again it has led me to success. I was able to redeem myself after missing a 160"+ whitetail in the fall of 2007 before I equipped my bow with your Eclipse model. Fast forward. This year same setup same situation, however this time the arrow connected right where it is supposed to. The 164" IL monster is my testimonial to a great sighting system. When the adrenalin is pumping and most of your body control is lost to the focus of a giant standing in front of you, the Hind Sight will keep you in tune making sure you are in correct shooting form to release the arrow and hit the mark. Thanks again for a great product!!!............. Brian Crockett

I can't thank you guys enough !!! Since I've put the Hind Sight on I'm shooting 90% better, harvested 16 animals in the last quarter of our archery season here on the big island of Hawaii. Here is the biggest so far 27" hybrid sheep on the slopes of Mauna Kea!!! Thank you again!!!!  Alston Thomas          

Don, attached picture of Fallow buck featuring your sight. Can't operate without it. Thanks again..............Russell Law, Australia

G"Day Don
Finally got to give the Eclipse a run in the field and
within the first half hour managed to whistle up this fox and laid him out
at 28 paces, half an hour later I grassed another at 15 paces, two shots two
foxes can't do much better than that, so this is how I will be spending my
hunting time for the rest of winter Hindsight "Eclipse" Bear "Carnage" deadly combo.................... Regards Bruce Oliver, Australia

Hi Don, here is a picture of my December buck. Taken on public land in Central Illinois.......Christine Appleberg

Hey Don 6 year old 280 lbs. I love my hindsight..............Randy

Hey haven't talked to you in awhile. Shot this bear in CABLE Wisconsin 9/6/2012. My hindsight has to be 10 years old installed it and have never touched it. Still works great. I bought a new one from you at the Madison show years ago never put it on. I may never need a new one.          THANKS HIND SIGHT..............Randy Prybil

Heinrich van Heerden, THIS IS AFRICA Pro Hunting

John Rousset, Columbia, Mo. 65201

Jordan DeJonge, Grand rapids, MI

Hindsight strikes again! The hindsight is deadly when hunting period. November 12, Eric Kibler, Kibler's Whitetail Taxidermy St. Joseph, Illinois

Randy Gould, Indianola, IA

Tim H. from Riverton, WY modified his crossbow to accept our Eclipse model.

Dr. C. Michael Scroggins, Houston, TX

Cole's first buck

Chuck Patriquin, Nova Scotia, Canada

Andy Krause with his Iowa Buck

Just returned from a very successful hunt in Southeast Montana. Did a spot & stalk on this mule deer. He green scored at 164. I have been using your hindsight for two years now. It has helped me so much with my hunting. I am left eye dominant and shoot a right hand bow. This has helped my visibility immensely and I recommend it to everyone.                         Thanks for such a great product. Bruce Smith, Duluth, MN 

Here is a deer that I took in October 2008 with the hindsight. The hindsight saved the day when I shot this deer it was near dark and a peep sight would have failed miserably. The sight picture was clear and the result is another Pope and Young deer to hang on the wall. Thanks again for a great product. Eric Kibler Kibler's Whitetail Taxidermy St. Joseph Illinois

Hi Don, I took four deer last year and four deer this year with
the Hind Sight (no misses).  It's a great sight. Christine Appleberg

I purchased the Hind Sight in the Spring of 2008.  During the 2007 whitetail season I drew up on a big +160" 10 pointer and shot only to miss.  I do not shoot a peep and never have.  The reason for the miss after evaluating the situation was due to my aligning the sight pins on the wrong side of the bow string.  I have been bow hunting for 20+ years and have never caught myself doing this however, I am sure it is not the first time.  Watching Tom Miranda (Bowhunting Encyclopedia) and his endorsement of the Hind Sight lead me to the purchase to make sure I never align my bow up incorrectly again.  Instantly my long range shooting accuracy of my bow increased ten fold......Thanks for a great product, Brian Crockett

I just paper tuned my bow today, here's what happened with the first two shots.  Thanks Hind Sight!  After 13 years of shooting archery, a couple hours with a Hind Sight and presto, Robin Hood!.......Rian Skov

I had a really good deer harvest this year using the Hind Site, absolutely loving it. Attached is a picture of my 12 year old nephewís first deer (Cole is his name), and of course making his uncle really proud by using the Hind Site I gave him for Christmas! I thought maybe this would be a great picture for your website.   Happy Holidays!........... Keir

Attached is my 2007 turkey and 2006 14 pointer that I harvested with the Hind Site. Iíll keep after my blood brothers to switch to a Hind Site. Itís not easy convincing them, especially the guys at the pro shop. They donít like spending the time getting people sited in so they push the old fashion peep and tube.     Thanks again for your time!.........Keir

Attached is a photo of a buck taken with a Mathews bow with the Hind Sight. It was killed by Dan Scott on 10/25/07 in Fayette county of Indiana. The buck scored 190 gross and field dressed at 250 lbs.                THANKS, JR, REM-BU SPORTING GOODS

Don, attached are two photos of animals that where taken with your sight; Crossfire. The bear (308 lbs.) was taken in 2006 and the elk (a 5 x 5) was taken in 2007. Thanks again for a great sighting system! John Wahl

This is the deer I shot using my Hind Sight -17 inch inside spread. I shot this deer on the 24th of Oct. at 30 yards. The deer dressed out at 200 lbs.  This buck was shot in Michigan near the small town of Deckerville.     Thanks  from Larry Perez

Don, I harvested this buck at 40 yds on December 28, 2007.  It was down to the wire here in MN, but the Hind Sight helped me take another P&Y deer.  Iíve released thousands of arrows this year, but due to work and cold weather I havenít shot as much since Thanksgiving.  I donít endorse hunting without plenty of practice, but my confidence sure is maintained due to the Hindsight.  Thanks again for the great product.

Brian Knochenmus Lynd, MN   

DON This is why I use my HIND SIGHT. I am a freezer hunter and consider it a bonus when a buck comes by.
                                THANKS RANDY PRYBIL

Dear Hindsight. Here are pictures of 2 springbuck I took on 6/6/2008 with my Hoyt rigged with a Hind Sight II. I would like to thank Hind Sight for producing this great piece of archery engineering, I would never have dreamt of shooting with the same consistency if I used a normal peep sight!, I've tried every type of peep including those bulky low light peeps and nothing performed like my Hind Sight! The second springbuck was shot at 20 yards at an awkward angle, but the shot flew true and I downed the animal with a perfect heart and double lung shot!, the animal measured just over 14Ē ! Truly amazing!...Kind Regards, Martin Roux - South Africa

I would like to tell you how great the Hind Sight is for hunting archers. I have used the Hind Sight now for 4 years and I had used a peep sight for 20 years and I would never go back! Once you use the Hind Sight I cannot understand why a hunting archer would use anything else. When tree stand hunting for whitetails you take the shot given and sometimes you are in compromising position that leaves you in not the best form while shooting. The Hind Sight immediately lets you know that the anchor is slightly off you make a quick adjustment pull the trigger and the hunt is over with perfect arrow placement on every shot. Shot placement to the left or right are non existent with the Hind Sight. Vision of the target is never an issue with the Hind Sight. Attached is a picture of a deer that I took this year on 11/14/07 which field dressed at 240 lbs. Thanks for a great product for the hunting archer! Eric Kibler, Kibler's Whitetail Taxidermy, St. Joseph Illinois

After turning 50 this spring I found out that when I started shooting my bow to get ready for fall season I was not able to focus on the pins with a peep sight like I could in the past. I shot and shot but could not get consistent, then I remembered seeing a commercial for the Hind Sight on TV. I went to the local sporting goods store and made my purchase. After mounting the Hind Sight I went back to the range and the first three shots were tighter then shooting for a month with my peep. After a few more adjustments I felt much more confident and I was ready to start the fall season. On 10-20-07 I got my chance and thanks to my new Hind Sight, I was able to harvest this nice 4x5 buck. I drew on the deer when he was at about 30 yards and let him come into about 22 yards before shooting. When I was at full draw there was no doubt of which pin was in the crosshairs. I only wish I would have put one of these on my bow before I was forced to wear reading glasses.....................Thanks again, Terry

I just wanted to share with you a photo of my largest whitetail deer I have ever taken. It was truly a trophy to take it with my bow. The Hind Sight in my opinion is truly a hunters sight. It eliminates bow torque and alignment issues, and removes the horror of the dreaded twisted peep and loss of visibility in low light , that peep sights have. I have  had the sight for half a year now, (I bought it from you at the Iowa Deer Classic) and have harvested a four bearded turkey at 42 yards and my biggest whitetail at 34 yards. it is truly awesome. Thank you for the last sight I will ever buy, hope to see you again next year at the Iowa Whitetail Classic.
Jason Berkley


I bet he wished I wasn't using the HINDSIGHT 2007
Thanks, Randy Prybil

Thank you all, I have purchased your product just after I bought my first bow last year September. I am glad to inform you that I used the Hind Sight this past weekend while hunting my first animal. I shot a Kudu Cow. The Hind Sight just made things a lot easier when she stood at 27 yards. Attached you will find a photo of me with my first bow kill.                      Regards, Gerhard Delport

Thank you for an excellent product. With a Crossfire on my bow I bagged this Warthog at 35 yards and 15 minutes later this Impala at 25 yards!
Regards, Cornelis van Wyk
Limpopo, South Africa

Just wanted to let you know the success I had this past week with my new HindSight. Your sight finally resolved the peep sight issue for me! I can get quick target acquisition, see the whole target, and be able to execute the shot in a matter of seconds. Enclosed is picture of a buck I killed last week in the UP............... Thanks again, Ken McDonagh

Hi my name is Jason Berkley.  I wanted to send you a picture of the 4 bearded turkey I shot last week with my Mathews bow and hindsight.  I really love my new sight.  I am shooting much better groupings and this is the first turkey I have ever got with a bow.  Thank you so much for your product it has changed my hunting experiences for the better.  I shot the turkey in Indianola, Iowa around 4:30 in the afternoon.  I have enclosed pictures with me in my hindsight hat.........  Thanks again,  Jason Berkley

Yesterday was the opening day here in VA and this great buck gave me a unobstructed standing broadside shot at 40yds.  I took the shot holding a bit high with my 30 yd pin.  As you will see in the attached pic -- the result was not to my liking.  He only ran about 60yds as the shot cut his windpipe and artery, but I was lucky.  I was perplexed with how I could have hit so far forward.  I stopped by a friends house on the way home and shot several shots at 40-45 yds at a fullsize McKensie target.  The results were the same.  The bottom line was that I had failed to compensate for the parallax issue that you had mention.  The greater the distance -- the greater the difference between point-of-aim and point-of-impact.  Just wanted to share the feedback should you have others that are planning on using the sight for cross-eye dominant shooting.  Thanks again for your help and for making such a nifty product..........Bill Barcheck

Just returned from a South Dakota Turkey hunt. I upgraded my old Mathews Outback bow to the new Mathews Drenalin and bought your Eclipse Hindsight. I love the sight. No more straining eyes through a peep and fighting the low light conditions in the morning and evening. Shot a 24 lb turkey on April 19th at 25 yards, see attached photo. Thanks for a mighty fine product..................Bruce Smith, Alexandria MN

I have harvested many deer using the Hindsight. Here is a picture of a buck I took this year. Thanks for a great product. Iím converting all my peep shooting buddies......................Doug Heimer

I want to thank you for the Hind Sight MAX, the most versatile sight on the market. I do not think that I would have confidently made the shot on this buck with any other sight. Hunting in Iowa, I had this buck cross a dry creek bed at 41 yards. I did not have time to reset the rear sight to my 40 yard pin, it was locked on the 30 yard pin. Yes I know you could guess and aim high with my 30 yard pin, but there was no need. Centering my 30 yard pin in the cross hairs, I placed the 40 yard pin on his vitals. I let the arrow go with confidence and hit perfectly. I am very proud of this deer and the result speaks for itself. Shooting with the MAX, I practiced all summer long out to 50 yards and it paid off.... 8 pt. green score 152.                        

Thanks again, Kurt M. Hylek - Eagle MI

Thank you Hind Sight for the best archery sight in the industry. I have used your sights for the past four years with great success. My scores have gone up in both league shooting and 3D tournaments. I had problems with low light conditions while using a string peep. I couldn't see my target. But not anymore as I have continually harvested animals in all light conditions. I took this Tom at 25 yards while using the Hind Sight Eclipse. It weighed 23 lbs. and was officially scored at 13-14/16. I personally recommend your sights to all serious bow hunters. The success speaks for itself. 

Jerry Gabryel / V.P. Sales, Aftershock Archery......MI                

William Kelly's 9 Point

10 Point

8 Point

Wild Boar

Another nice buck taken by Randy Prybil

Attached is a picture of my 8 point I got this year.
I have been using the Hind sight now for 3-4 years and
love it.  This year before the season started I
purchased the larger Magnum rear aperature.  What a
difference overall visibility............Thanks

Scot Stodart - Pinckney, MI

This is one of 3 nice bucks I took this year with the Hind Sight! In
the past 3yrs I have harvested 8 deer using your product, I know for
sure that I wouldn't have been able to see at least 3 of them through a
peep, because they showed up at last light. I just got another bow
yesterday, and the first thing I did was install Hind Sight. If every
archer just tried hindsight, they'd never use a peep again, guaranteed!
Success doesn't lie!..................Doug Heimer

Don, Iíve had a hindsight for about 4 years, and I shoot 1000ís of shots during the year.  The Hind Sight has done everything you claim it does.  Iíve shot deer at obscure angles, positions and low light.  It is the most important piece of equipment on my bow...................Brian

Don, I hope you are having a great 2006 season.  You sent me a couple of Hindsight hats a few months back, and I wanted to send you this picture of me wearing it with pride!  I took this buck in Manitoba last week.  He grossed 150 1/8 and green scored 145 3/8.  In low light conditions, he stepped out of the bush providing me with a front shoulder 15 yd shot.  He dropped in his tracks.                                                                             Thanks again for your product (and the hats),

Brian Knochenmus / Vice President - Ralco Nutrition, Inc.

Here is a Picture of a buck my son Archer and I got this past season using the Hind Sight in low light conditions. Thank you for a great product.

Bryan & Archer Baker

After talking to you at the Illinois Deer Classic, I purchased the Extreme model off your web site. Within 30 minutes of getting it mounted and sighted in, I knew this would be everything you said it would be. This past fall I was fortunate enough to take two does and this prime 37 lbs male Coyote. I double lunged him at 25 yards and recovered him a short 40 yards later. I'm buying a new bow for 2005 and you can be sure that the Hind Sight Extreme will be on that new bow because it works.

Troy Evans

I purchased your Hind Sight II about 2 weeks before I shot this real nice buck. It was so easy to set up that I was shooting X's in no time. This big buck has 8 points with a 20-1/2" inside spread and dressed out at about 200 lbs. He ran about 60 yards and piled up. With a regular peep sight I would have had a harder time shooting him because the sun was beginning to fade. I love your product and recommend it to all my friends. I will be ordering for them soon. Thanks again.

Tim Eddy, WI

I have been an active bow hunter for over 15 years and have taken several bucks in that time. A couple years ago I decided to try something different and bought the original Hind Sight. It helps you get tighter groups by forcing you into the same anchor point. Because it works so well, it definitely has my endorsement, the proof is in the picture...Green scored at 140

Mark Talaski - IL

On a recent trip to New Zealand I took this trophy Red Stag using the Hind Sight CrossFire. Thanks for making a great hunting sight.

Tim Marta

I have taken several P&Y deer and just shot my second B&C with a bow. Over the years I have never been completely satisfied with my hunting sights. Last year, after a great deal of looking and research, I finally settled on trying the Hind Sight II. My groups are far tighter than ever and I can rarely shoot over two arrows at one spot for fear that I will hit and mess up one of the arrows. Here is a photo of the B&C buck that I took using your Hind Sight. 12pt. ( green score 202 )

George Hypke - IL

Dear Hind Sight, I bought my Hind Sight last year and it was the best money I ever spent. I absolutely love it, can't beat it for low light conditions. It keeps you in perfect alignment every time. I just wanted to share a picture of my biggest buck ever. It's an 8 pt. that green scored 128 5/8 with an 18 1/2 inside spread. I shot him on public land 11/08/03 in Illinois. I really want to thank you for a great product.

Brandon Roberts - IL

Here's a picture of a buck I took with the Hind Sight this year. Thanks for an awesome sight.

Scott Gunter, Mathews Pro Staff Shooter

I would just like to say that I commend your efforts to bring a bow sight like this to the market. I saw Tom Miranda's endorsement and purchased the CrossFire. Although this is a small buck, I hit him at 50 yds. at dusk. I had not had the confidence to do that in the past with other sights.. Thanks, I keep recommending this strange looking sight to every hunter I meet.

Sal DeSimon

 Just dropping a note to say thanks! The shipping time was prompt and the day I received my sight, Oct. 20th 2003, I installed it and checked my sight pin. Later that evening I got the opportunity to arrow my first Pope & Young buck. He came in at dusk and I would have never been able to confidently take the shot if I had still been using my old peep sight! I love my CrossFire  with the TruGlo T.F.O.Pin.

Mike Papiez

Dear Hind Sight,
Thanks for a great product. I would just like to say that six straight double lung shots (including this fine buck from Iowa) are proof enough for me. The Hind Sight has come through under good conditions and bad and has forced me into alignment each time. I also can't say enough about the low light performance.

Paul Gilmet

Hey, this is Billy Hammond from Lake Charles La.  I installed it as the directions stated and installation was a breeze. I then proceeded to sight it in. Now I wouldn't even consider myself a beginner/novice archer and certainly would never consider trying to sight in a bow but I couldn't resist. It was 8:30pm when I started, just getting in from hunting. I shot about 20 arrows at 10 or so yards before I felt comfortable to move back to 20 yards. I shot a round of 7 arrows and was amazed! I then went ahead and took off my peep sight because I knew there was no turning back.  I shot 7 more arrows in my backyard at 9:00pm mind you and I scanned the target and I'm attaching it to this email for You to see for yourself. This target is a standard notebook size paper with a 6x6 square blacked in. LOOK at those 7 shots!!! I've never grouped like this before.
The Hind Sight makes everything SO simple. Coming back to my comfortable set point is now a gimme. It's the same every time, no guess work.
This thing, in just a matter of an hour, has increased my confidence 100%. ..But like you said...You knew it would..
Sincerely, Billy Hammond


I just purchased your hindsight-II and am delighted with the results. I had been  using a different rear sighting system all summer, but didn't seem to be able to get good arrow groups. I was able to install your sight and be "dead on" in less than 5 minutes.  My 30 yard groups are under 3" in just a few days of practice.  Needless to say, I am very pleased with its performance.  I have yet to get a shot at a deer but hope that changes soon.  I am able to see the back sight in very low light until I can no longer see the front pin after sundown.
Thanks for developing a very needed accessory for the bow hunter.
Bob Hardy

Dear Hind Sight;
  Before purchasing your fantastic product, barn doors any further away than 20 feet were completely safe from my arrows,. Deer, and all  the other forest creatures laughed as I entered the woods.  The only thing hanging in my den were pictures of deer.
 OK, I don't believe any of this either.  But you can believe this.  I never took a shot at a deer any further away than 30 yards, because I knew that  was the limit of my accuracy.  After I installed your product, I now hit fist size groupings of six arrows at 45 yards plus!  I can't wait to get into the woods this fall!  Thank you for freeing me of the "peep-sight  blues".
Paul Marvin

I just installed my new Hind Sight II and tested it this evening for low light shooting ability. This was the main problem I have had with peep sights and this has cost me a couple of shots. I could hold group up until 30 minutes after sunset with no problem. This was impossible for me with a peep sight. Awesome sight picture with my vertical/horizontal cross-hair front sight. I'm sure a pin would work just as well. Another benefit of this sight which I had not anticipated is that since the sight is mounted to the riser any bow torque  is easily realized. Anchor point seems to be easy too.
An answer to my bow hunter's prayer. If any of you have wished for something better than a peep sight for hunting, I would sure take a look at this solution.

Good Hunting
DXR Texas

Hindsight sets up in minutes.You can put your nose any place you want and it won't make a bit of difference with this sight. As long as you center your front pin in the rear cross hairs, you're good to go. Have had mine on since last spring and have taken a wild boar, two turkeys and two deer with it so far. I installed a Tritium pin in the 20 yard slot on mine and can shoot it as long as there is enough light to see the target. The sight is extremely accurate since its virtually impossible to torque the bow and still keep your pin centered in the rear crosshairs. Could go on and on, but I think you see where I'm coming from.
Try it and I guarantee you will never go back to a peep sight.

Here it is guys!
There are alot of gimmicks on the market. Everybody seems to have a gadget that claims to revolutionize the industry. Very few work. Hind-sight holds true to its promise. I have been shooting for years and have never gotten the results I wanted. Well throw away those peeps guys. It is finally here and its all that and a box of chocolates. It's only $19.95! If I would have known it would allow me to shoot these groups. It could have been a hundred dollars and I would have bought it! The glow in the dark feature is great,but lets talk about accuracy.

Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!

No more frustration. It will teach you to be a
      better archer by showing you how to hold your bow. It is like buying shooting lessons from your pro shop except it gets immediate results!!!! If you are tired of the gadgets and gizmos out there, stop throwing your money in the trash and get a hind-sight. You will never shoot without it once you try it.

It may not be a professional group, but it has me stirred up.

Not bad after 5 minutes.

Thanks Hind Sight,
Jamison in Tenn.

Dear Hind Sight, Inc.
I wanted you to know how amazed I am with your Hind Sight CrossFire sight system. I ordered the sight less than a week ago and was surprised how fast you shipped the order to me.
First off, I am new to the sport of archery. It is something that I have wanted to all of my life. I started taking lessons only 6 months ago. I started shooting on a league the first of January. We shoot paper targets anywhere from 5 yards to 35 yards with 240 points being a perfect round. Slowly my average has risen to 192 points. After shooting last night with my peep sight, I changed to your CrossFire sight. I manually adjusted the sight system off the bow to match my old sight alignment. I was sighting your system in our novelty shoot which was a golf ball sized waffle ball hung by a string at 10 yards. To my surprise the first shot was dead center. Out of 6 arrows, 2 went through the ball, the other 4 slightly missed. I then shot a paper target at 20 yards, 12 arrows, 12 kill shots. I then moved the target back to 30 yards, 6 arrows, 4 kill shots, 2 missed by 1/2 inch. In 6 months of archery, I have never shot 24 arrows with such accuracy. I was totally amazed at the quick results.
Your sight also cured 2 other problems. Sometimes, when shooting at targets I loose the target looking through the peep sight, not at all with your Hind Sight CrossFire sighting system. I have a far better view of the target. And secondly, I have a tendency to throw an arrow off to the left or right, All 24 arrows were in perfect alignment. Align the sights and the arrows were right on target. I am looking forward to practicing more with my bow and shooting next week.
Thank you for a product that delivers everything that you claim it would. That is so unusual in today's world. A lot of products promise to do this or do that only to disappoint the consumer. Not with your product. I would highly recommend it to anyone.
Jeffery Metz

Dear Hind Sight
At the age of 57 my eyesight has become somewhat deminished during low light hunting hours making it difficult to see thru even large string peeps.  And plenty of missed shots along with lost and broken arrows.  Being a little skeptical, and for years reading about Bracklen sight systems both bar sights and scopes ect., I finally took a leap and chose Hind Sight's Crossfire sight system. I was surprised how quick this system setup. The Crossfire has already improved my shooting, allowing shots thru small openings in the brush, I would never taken before.  I am looking forward to another Oklahoma archery season, with a renewed outlook on archery.
 Thanks Hind Sight for a great product.
Larry E Ryals

I purchased your Hind Sight II about two weeks ago.  I promptly mounted it on my bow and threw away the dreaded peep sight.  My peep sight was no longer viable to me because my near eyesight has deteriorated to the point where I could no longer see the peep to center the pin.

       It took me about 30 minutes to figure out how to fine tune the two sights together.  Once accomplished, I was quickly slamming arrows together out to thirty yards. I felt pretty confident that everything would come together in a hunting situation.  Sure enough,  this past Saturday evening, a large buck came in and gave me a 18 yard quartering away shot.  I lined up the "Death Dot (my term)" and released.  Two lungs and a heart later, I collected the largest 5 point that I have heard tell about.  The inside spread is 18 inches and he weighed in at 185 pounds.

       Needless to say, I'm quite pleased with your product. It won't allow me to torque the bow, no matter what.  Put that death dot in the middle of your aperture and its pretty much all over, except the gutting & dragging.

       Several of my friends have expressed a lot of interest.  Of course, a pretty nice buck will tend to do that, "ya say you shot him while eating a doughnut?
      Well, what kind were they?"

      a satisfied customer,
      Guy M. Stutzman
      Battle Creek, MI

Dear Hind Sight,
I had a chance to install and do preliminary sighting of my new Sharp Shooter yesterday evening just right before dark.  I followed your instructions to the "T" and had the Hind Sight installed in 5 arrows shooting 6" above center bull at 5yds.  I moved to 20yds and tight grouped 4 more arrows 4" above center bull.  I went to my 30yd point (where I shoot 99% of the time) and put #10 & #11 Arrows in the bull 1/4" apart, almost "Robin Hooding" them.  In disbelief, I had to take a picture!  I shot a dozen more times @ 30yds and kept all but 3 in the bull or in the blue.

Next I waited until 30 min. after Sunset, where all I could sight on at this time was the center of the white.  I shot 4 more times, 2 arrows landed within 1/2 in of each other just outside the bull, another was 1" above the blue dead center and the other arrow was about 1.5" above the blue and 2" to the right.  All were within a 5" group in the center of the target.  I could never have made a low light shots like that  with my old peep.  What I think I like the most about the Hind Sight System, is how you draw the bow as if you were instinct shooting and adjust the sights to accommodate.  I've always had to force my shots using a peep, but with your system all I have to do is naturally point where I think the arrow will hit and use the Hind Sight for confidence.  I've had plenty of missed opportunities for Deer and Hogs because I couldn't find them in my peep during low light (legal hunting times) situations, but they're probably not going to be so lucky in the future.
       Thanks for creating this sighting system.
       Howard Ridgley

Hind Sight...
I Just wanted to thank you for inventing the hind-sight, I received my Sharp Shooter set up and had it tuned in, in 5 to 10 minutes....I am really pleased with how easy it was to tune in and how much better it is than my old peep sight....I am just amazed at how much better my shots are now , they are always in the same spot, I now have to shoot at different targets or I hit my previous arrow..
Once again THANK YOU
Clarence (GENE) Hargraves

Dear Hind Sight,
I received my hindsight and have been using it ever since.  So far, I have only purchased the rear-mounted sight bracket, but may switch to the sharpshooter next year.  I am shooting the tightest groups that I have ever shot in my life!  Currently, I use a Mathews feather max set at 67 lbs and shoot ACC 3-49's tipped with 100 gr. Muzzy's.  My broad heads hit exactly where my field points hit.  My hunting buddy has already committed to buying a Hind Sight next year. This system has allowed me to shoot with both eyes open too. In summary, I am very pleased with my hindsight.  I have already taken two nice does for the freezer this year. Thank you for making this fine product.
I wish you and your young company much success in the future.
Yours truly,
 Eric Balliet

I just wanted to take a minute to tell you how pleased I am with my recent purchase of your Sharp Shooter sight. I've never had another sight that allowed me more consistent grouping.

Thank you and have a nice day.
Stan Beck

Dear Hind Sight,
I have no idea how to put this, but you have been the only one to solve the problems of a very frustrated bow shooter. After some work, I got the sight on and the bow tuned. I have been fighting this bow for more than a year to get it to shoot consistently. It now does it with no problem. The Hind Sight forces me to hold it the same way each time. I am punching a perfect hole in my paper each time. I did it about 12 times just to make sure it was right and not just luck. With my sight, it is easier to put the cross on my middle pin then aim, but it is working GREAT. My wife laughed at me of course because of the hooping and hollering coming from the garage when I knew it was right. She asked if everything was all right and I told her (caught up in the moment) that if you were here I would probably kiss you right on the mouth. Which of course got that "my husband takes this stuff way to seriously" look. If you bow hunt and you are married you know the look. I will be shooting more Thursday after work to get the pins checked for yardage, but expect no problems.

Thank you very much for your help and your product.
Jon L. Bourne