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Hind Sight, Inc.
P.O. Box 482

Pinckney, MI 48169
Phone: 734-878-2842
Fax: 734-878-4295


The Beginning

     Hi, I'm Don Priebe, President/Founder of Hind Sight, Inc. I have been a bow hunter for more than 25 years and up until 1994, I was using standard equipment, which included the string peep. You know, the first peep that I put in my bow string was about the smallest aperture I could find. It worked good, so long as I had plenty of day light to see my target. Under low light hunting situations, I found that when I drew back to take aim, I couldn't see past my front sight. When I lowered the bow, presto, my target reappeared. So I drilled that peep sight out in order to let more light enter my eye under low light conditions. It didn't solve the problem, in fact it compounded it, because now I lost the accuracy that I commanded with the small aperture. My peep had gotten so big that my front pin was floating inside of a large diameter circle. It was like sticking my head inside a truck tire to line up my sights. Like most bow hunters, I was experiencing all the problems of the peep sight, such as improper string rotation, strands of the string obstructing my view, rubber tubing snapping off, low light visibility, decreased arrow speed and I was generally fed up with the performance I was receiving from it. After missing a nice buck at dusk, because I couldn't see him through my peep sight, I took it off my bowstring for good. The next day I went shopping at my local archery stores to find something to replace it. Short of a heavy, expensive scope, I couldn't find what I was looking for. I wanted a rear reference point without it being attached to my eye. So, I set out to develop a rear mounted sighting system to replace the conventional string peep. I thought, why not take the concept of a peep sight, get it off the string, and move it forward. After many experiments with circles and straight lines, I found that an illuminating, open cross hair design, sitting in the center of a circle, and mounted to the riser was my best choice. Shooting target arrows, I found that the rear mounted sight forced me into the same hold every shot, and my groups began to tighten up. Now would it work in the field? It surpassed my best expectations. Not only did it solve the low light problems of the peep sight, it also showed me if I was the slightest bit out of alignment. No longer did I have to worry about my peep sight failing me. On the contrary, my sighting system gave me the confidence to place an arrow with pinpoint accuracy and I began to hit the kill zone consistently. I thought this was too good to keep to myself, so, in 1997, I applied for and received a patent (U.S. patent #5,671,724) and began selling the Hind Sight – Rear Mounted Sight. That's how my quest began to create a rear mounted sight that was user friendly and eliminate the common problems associated with the string peep sight.

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Don Priebe
Hind Sight, Inc.

Hind Sight Products